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Professional Technical Management Expert

PTME is a valuable career certification awarded by industry peers. The PTME certification is the best way for experienced expert-level technical managers to verify their existing knowledge and and certify their years of experience. Join a community of enthusiastic technical managers who make a difference every day, in the workplace and beyond.

Validate professional expertise

With PTME certification

A PTME certification speaks for your years of experience as a technical manager and can be seen as an important part of your resume and career. The PTME is our expert-level certification and is an perfect way to validate advanced knowledge and experience.
Requirements: Committee evaluation
Certification fee: $ 89
Validity period:

Valuable certification
Proof of expertise
Valid for life

Frequently asked questions

How can I obtain the PTME certification?
PTMCO operates with a unique model in which the candidate’s professional expertise in technical management is assessed by a committee. Candidates are asked to complete a challenging questionnaire that demonstrates expertise on the basis of concrete practical examples. A possible reference can also be consulted. The committee consists of seasoned experts from the field.
Is there a possibility for a refund if I am not admitted?
Because we work with an alternative model compared to other certification organizations, a refund is available in the event of a negative assessment by the committee. In that case, the complete admission fee will be refunded within seven days.
How long are the PTMCO certifications valid?

The PTMCO certifications are a confirmation of professional experience and skills and are therefore valid for life. We do, however, encourage certificate holders to keep their expertise in the field of technical management up to date and to continue to explore new areas of knowledge.

Can I share PTMCO's certifications on my LinkedIn page?
PTMCO’s certifications can be shared on all social platforms. Certificates receive both a certificate in PDF format and a public web page to verify certification.